Greystones Ridge Angling Club held their Tope Festival the week before last, having had to cancel earlier in the season due to poor weather. Luckily, the weather (just about) held for them the second time round as a total of 14 boats participated in the two-day festival.
While tope were the main quarry, other animal species were also included in the competition, meaning that if the tope didn’t play ball, other species could be targeted. As it happens, there were no shortage of tope, with around 100 caught over the course of the competition, including 7 to specimen size.
Competitors also got to use the excellent clubhouse facilities for the post-competition food and drinks where a great feed was put out for hungry anglers. There was a wide range of competition prizes for various different categories, meaning plenty of anglers featured in the prizes.
Full results as follows:
1st Place Longest Tope Cian Driver 164.5cm
2nd Place Longest Tope Clyde McElwaine 160cm
3rd Place Longest Tope Sean Byrne 160cm
4th Place Longest Tope Conor McElwaine 159cm
5th Place Longest Tope Clyde McElwaine 158cm
6th Place Longest Tope Padraic Clear 157.5cm
7th Most Animal Species Cian Driver (4 Species)
8th Longest Bull Huss Mark Cahill 104.5cm
9th Longest Ray Denis Breetveld 42cm
10th Longest Dogfish Stuart Kealy 70cm
11th Longest Smooth Hound Fran Duffy 89.5cm
12th Smallest Tope Stephen Hanaway 70.5cm
13th Longest Mackerel Jimmy Farrell 35cm
14th 1st Fastest Tope Joe Muddiman
15th 2nd Fastest Tope Denis Breetveld
16th 3rd Fastest Tope Craig Murphy
17th 4th Fastest Tope Patrick O’Connor
18th 5th Fastest Tope Stephen Hanaway
They will be announcing the dates for next year’s Festival shortly, so stay tuned…