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Moy Estuary produces some nice sea trout

A sea trout caught and released by Gerry Fitzsimons, Enniscrone on a white Tasmanian Devil near Bartra Island in the Moy Estuary

Kevin O’Boyle reports from the Moy Estuary…

Sea trout angling was patchy enough during past week. Despite some perfect angling days on the river, the sea trout were concentrating on a large influx of white bait into the estuary.  It is difficult to catch trout while they are gouging on white bait.

Also, many shoals of mackerel followed the white bait and anglers were catching mackerel on every second cast.  The best results seem to come from the Killala side of Bartra Island. Anglers who persisted got some results.

Harry Mc Cafferty and party had some fish to the boat all averaging 1.25 lbs. All fish were released.  The Leonard brothers, Ryan and Simon from Ballina, regulars down the estuary had some good keepers to the boat, up to 1.5 lbs all on sand eel.

Later in week, Ryan won the local sea trout competition on Sunday with the heaviest trout for 2.6 lbs.

Ryan Leonard, Ballina with a 2.6 lbs sea trout on the Moy Estuary