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Slow fishing on windy and wet Conn and Cullin


Poor weather, high winds and heavy rain hampered all efforts for a good angling week. While some fresh water was badly needed to freshen up the water the winds prevented anglers venturing out. The angling was slow for the few hardy anglers that did persist.

Peter Roche from Cloghans had 1 decent fish from 2 days on the Lake, a fish for just 1.5 lbs on a sooty Olive pattern along the Brackwansha shore. He saw no fly life or moving fish. This was the same for most anglers throughout the week.

Johnny Warren from Crossmolina had the same experience and boated 1 fish for 1.25 lbs.

A trout released by Michael Duffy in Massbrook bay, caught on an Olive Bumble

2 French anglers had 3 small trout for about 1 lb each to green mayfly in Massbrook Bay.  Michael Duffy from Ennis, also fishing out of Murphy Boat hire had 2 trout for 1.25 lbs on bumbles in Massbrook Bay. All trout released by anglers over the few days.

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Trout fly fishing on Loughs Conn and Cullin