Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI), the state agency responsible for the conservation and protection of freshwater fish, habitats and sea angling resources is asking anglers who have fished the Currane catchment in Co. Kerry for their views. A new online survey has been developed to gather anglers’ knowledge – the survey method called FLEKSI was developed by IFI to help give an insight into the status of the fishery.

Over recent decades populations of sea trout and salmon throughout Ireland are facing serious challenges from various ecological changes. IFI’s Currane STAMP programme is already assessing fish populations within their freshwater and marine phases to report current status and provide scientific advice to support the development of appropriate conservation management measures.

The data gathered in the FLEKSI survey has the potential for citizens to get involved and provide important insights to guide fisheries management in the future. This survey is for all anglers who fish in the Currane catchment for various species. all responses will help us to build an understanding of the history and ecological status of your fishery.

Lough Currane

FLEKSI, which stands for Fisher’s Local Ecological Knowledge Surveillance Indicators aims to capture anglers’ knowledge and hands-on experience to help track changes in fish stocks and ecosystems.

The Currane catchment in Co. Kerry is Ireland’s most important sea trout fishery, with a long history of high-quality fishing, particularly for larger sea trout. The fishery is renowned internationally and has been the cornerstone of sea trout and salmon fishing in the southwest of the country since the 1900s.  The FLEKSI survey will give anglers on the Currane catchment an exciting opportunity to share their knowledge as citizen scientists and to make a valuable contribution towards fisheries management on the fishery.

If you fish the Currane system, please fill out the following survey here:

Each participant also can opt to enter into a prize draw for angling tackle, with one €200 voucher and one €100 voucher to be won.