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IFI Measuring Mats back in stock


We had a huge surge in demand for our measuring mats at the end of the summer and completely ran out of stock. We now have them back in stock again and they are available to purchase here. We have discontinued the 170cm mat as the 230cm mat is essentially the same thing, just a little longer, and you can always cut it down to a smaller size if required.

In order to promote conservation and sustainable angling, we have always sold these mats at cost price to us, and in recent years we have been selling them at a loss as the cost price to us has increased. Unfortunately, materials prices have risen steeply over the past year or two, and they now cost over €30 for us to manufacture.  As a result of that, we have to increase the price we charge to €25 + postage. We are still selling them at a loss, but in order for us to keep producing them, we need to charge more for them.

We also have a smaller measuring mat available now, which is designed to be more portable for those that like to travel light. It is 15cm wide and weighs just 250g, so it will fit in a small tackle bag or even a pocket and is also less expensive for us to post out to you. It will be available for €20 including post and packaging (again, cost price). It is 100cm in length, so perfect for species like bass, wrasse, pollack, ray, flatties, perch, tench & trout.

Smaller 100cm measuring mat