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First timer sees off old hands to land specimen pike at Newbridge Anglers Competition


We sometimes like to think that years of angling experience will pay off when it comes to the numbers/size of fish we might catch. But I suppose one of the beauties of angling is that anyone can have their moment, or, as an angling friend of mine likes to put it, ‘every dog has his day…’ Such was the way of the world last Sunday, as 31 members of Newbridge District Pike Anglers took to the water for their McCabe cup competition. Many of those anglers were experienced guys, used to slogging it out over long hard days at the waters edge. One angler was a complete newbie, trying out pike fishing for the first time. You can guess how this one is going to end…

So Glenn Keegan, on his first ever day pike angling, landed a 20lb 7oz pike from a river venue (making it a specimen-sized pike) to romp home with the prize, leaving all other competitors stranded in his wake. Such is the camaraderie at these events, his fellow club members were delighted to see a newcomer take the top prize and quick to congratulate him, and I’m sure Glen will be a feature on their competition scene for years to come. Well done Glenn!

Glenn gets a hand to show off his fish from fellow club members

Full results as follows:

Winner of Mc Cabe Cup 2022 is
1st Glenn Keegan 20.07hf 31.12 bag
2nd Ray Collopy 7 8hf 32.8 bag
3rd Dave Murphy 4.9 hf 30.02bag
2nd heaviest fish Stephen whitely 9.8lb
3rd heaviest fish Paul foxy Sheridan 9.7lb

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