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Lough Erne on fire for client of Border Fishing

Lough Erne on fire

Gerard Smyth from Borderfishing was in touch with us again to tell us about some of the fantastic fishing he and one of his clients have experienced over the past week. Read his report below…

So this week we had gig game angler Thadd Cheng over from Singapore. It was Thadd’s first time fishing for pike and a big change from jungle trekking for peacock bass and snake heads.

Speaking to Thadd over last few months I knew he was a very capable angler and his track record spoke for itself.

It was a day of plenty hits with multiple double and triple rod hook ups and plenty of action which kept us busy. However, it did take bit to see what the pike wanted on the day but then it was all action right until sunset. Between casting and trolling the numbers stacked up to 23 in total landed plus a few lost.

All in all it was a fantastic day with a great guy and plenty of laughs. Looking forward to our next few outings while he is here in Ireland. Wild Irish trout is next on his list, then back on to the pike to chase down a few big Esox for him.

Anyone interested in Chasing Big Irish Pike
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