Newbridge District Pike Anglers wrapped up a great 2022 last week, with their final competition of the year, the Horgan Cup. As temperatures plummeted in the lead-up to the competition, there was a serious concern that the lake venue would be frozen over, but the 28 anglers who braved the cold were delighted to see the lake was fully fishable when they arrived. It didn’t take long for them to realise that the pike were in biting mood, as no sooner than baits were in the water than the bite alarms started screeching, and anglers were straight into fish. A total of 29 fish were caught under beautiful blue skies on a crisp winter’s day, with the tally including nine doubles and three PBs.

Horgan Cup winner for 2022 season is:
1st Dylan Phelan 18.8 hf (new pb) 33.10 bag 2 fish
2nd Darren Doyle 12.15 hf 32lb 3 fish
3rd Glenn Kiely 16.9 (new pb)
4th Bernard Cloeman 12.6 (new pb) 4th place went to 2nd heaviest fish so again huge well done to Dylan Glenn and Bernard on your new pbs
That wrapped up a very successful 2022 for the club, which saw a total of 638 pike caught and released and a new club record set for a 30lb fish. Hats off to them for their great turnouts at their competitions and they have certainly kept us entertained by their exploits during the year.
Please fish in a sustainable manner