Waterville Catchment 2022 Brown Tags Required

Salmon anglers are reminded that from 17th January 2022 to midnight of 12th May 2022, Brown Tag regulations are in force on the Waterville Catchment.

64 Brown Tags, to be distributed by lottery, are available for the season. On January 10th 24 lucky anglers had their number pulled from the hat. There are 20 more tags up for grabs on 28 February.

Any angler requesting a brown tag must be in possession of a valid 2022 Salmon Licence and must apply by email only to:  [email protected] from 14 February 2022 until  midnight on Friday, 25th February 2022. Anglers must provide their Name, Contact Address, Telephone Number and 2022 Salmon Licence number. This is the only method to apply for a brown tag.  Anglers may only fish one brown tag over the full season. Multiple applications will disqualify. Salmon Licences are available online at: https://store.fishinginireland.info

The remaining 20 Brown Tags will drawn on 28 March. Applications for this draw may be made from 14/03/22 to 25/03/22.

Salmon anglers not in possession of a Brown Tag must fish using Catch and Release methods i.e., single or double barbless hooks. Use of worms is not permitted. A Salmon cannot be taken unless the angler is in possession of a Brown Tag. If a Salmon is taken both a Blue and Brown Tag must be affixed to the fish. Failure to do so may result in penalties.

IFI will send all applicants for the 2nd draw an entry number for the lottery by email before the draw which will take place on Monday 28th February 2022. No personal information will be shared. 5 reserve licence numbers will be drawn in case the initial offer of a brown tag is not taken up. Tags will be issued to successful applicants by an IFI representative or by post.

Late or early applications will be excluded.

For further information contact Inland Fisheries Ireland, Macroom on 026 41221.

Currane anglers play the waiting game

Vincent Appleby reports from Lough Currane…

27/2/2022 The Russians may be on the way to the Southwest of Ireland, well sadly there were no Currane anglers in sight today? I take it they were taking cover, give us your opinion on the Currane Anglers View at [email protected]  Wind NNE light to calm.

28/1/2021 You could say the Currane Anglers are frustrated and Browned off going by the lack of fishing on the lake, so spy gate reckons. Now we go back to yesterday on to the Lough Currane with the Currane kayak defenders and in their words, were keeping the lake safe from an invasion so the fish won’t be disturbed and going by the defenders paddles they were firing back in style. Wind WSW light to fresh and overcast.

29/1/2022 Just two Barbless boats out manipulating on the light to calm waters of Lough Currane this day, sadly their efforts weren’t rewarded. Wind light and variable.

30/1/2022 There was only one boat out this day and I believe the Currane angler was a barbless manipulator.

31/1/2022 Lough Currane was all quiet in the angler department as My Noble Salmon patiently waits for a brown tag or barbless angler to troll or cast that fly across a taking Fish but sadly that wasn’t the case today.

1/2/2022 What can one say on today’s proceedings, well it’s as simple as this, absolutely nothing for the simple reason there is nothing to report, today’s common denominator is zero in all departments.

2/2/2022 Again the Currane anglers were as elusive as the Scarlet Pimpernel? Need I say more? Just for the record the Scarlet Pimpernel is a good old Salmon fly, or I should say to be more precise the Scarlet Eagle or the Moldy Chum and if they don’t hurry up and pull their act together the Salmon will be getting Moldy.

Vincent Appleby

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Vincent Appleby

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The rivers and lakes of Waterville drain a large catchment and are regarded by many as the foremost Salmon and Sea-Trout fishery in the country. The lake system is well developed with access to boats and guides being readily available to the tourist angler. The Sea-Trout caught here are renowned for their size and quantity. For more details see