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Low water levels and high temperatures impacting on salmon angling on the Moy


Kevin O’Boyle reports from the River Moy…

River Moy Angling Report week ending 14/08/2022

Only 40 salmon were reported caught in the Moy catchment for the last week. Water levels were extremely low and water temperatures were rising to critical levels as well. Water levels at Ballylahan Bridge on Monday morning were recorded at 0.267m and dropping slowly through the week to 0.192m by Sunday night. As a consequence, some fisheries (including the Moy Fishery and Cloongee) stopped angling temporarily due to high water temperatures.

However, we received a great video from Randy Lewis when he visited the Moy Fishery earlier this year in May. Randy runs a number of social media channels (RANDADDY’S “A Real Taste of Adventure”) and his River Moy Salmon Fishing Experience can be watched here.

Randy getting expert advice from Fisheries Officer Philip Thornton

The Moy Fishery recorded one salmon for the week caught on a  Cascade variant.

Jonathan Smith with the last fish from the Moy Fishery before it closed temporarily on Friday 12th due to high water temperatures

Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 20 grilse from 2-5 lbs mostly caught on the worm.

Mount Falcon Fishery report 2 grilse from its waters for the week.

Coolcronan Fishery had 3 grilse for the week, caught on the prawn and spinning.

Armstrong’s Fishery reported one salmon for the week.

Gannon’s Fishery had 3 salmon for the week, all on the bubble and fly.

The Foxford Fishery reported 3 grilse, all caught on bubble and fly.

Foxford Salmon Anglers reported 2 from their waters in Rinanney stretch.

Cloongee Fishery reported one grilse for the week.

East Mayo Anglers recorded 4 salmon for the week, with 3 released. Three caught on the fly and one on a copper spoon.