Water levels continued to drop on the River Boyne and Kells Blackwater over the last week. As a result, anglers have enjoyed some nice fishing even though it has been sporadic in nature. Odd fish were reported caught and then one day last week 4 fish were hooked and lost over a 90 minute period on the Boyne at Navan. One fish of circa ten pounds was landed.

A fresh Boyne springer
A Boyne springer in brilliant condition

On Tuesday, a nice fresh fish with sea lice on board was caught on the fly. On Thursday a beautiful fresh run sea liced fish of 17lbs was caught and released by well known angler Pat O’Toole from Trim. The Kells Blackwater produced a lovely 10lb salmon on the fly. With water levels continuing to drop, anglers are hoping that more fish will enter the system. Especially as the next set of big tides is approaching.

Boyne springer, Navan
No doubting the size of this fish even at distance
Go Fishing …………

Information on salmon fishing in the north-east can be found at the following link https://fishinginireland.info/salmon/east/ 

Salmon being released on the River Boyne at Navan
A 7lb fish is landed and being prepped for release