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Moy still producing good fishing despite hot weather and lower water


Kevin O’Boyle reports on the fishing on the Moy catchment for the week ending 10th July:

374 salmon were reported caught in the Moy catchment for the week. 63 of these fish were reported as being released from various fisheries. Water levels were way down on previous weeks’ floods, and back to more normal levels for the time of year. On Monday morning, water levels at Ballylahan bridge were 0.564M and slowly dropped to 0.356M by the end of the week. Water temperatures ranged from 10.7˚Celcius to 12.9˚Celsius throughout the system.

The Moy Fishery recorded 12 salmon and 1 sea trout caught for the week of which 3 salmon were released. 9 of the salmon were caught in the Ridge Pool and 2 salmon were caught in the Cathedral Beat. Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 20 grilse from 2-5 lbs mostly caught on worms. Mount Falcon Fishery reported 30 salmon for the week. Gary Perks from the UK had 4 salmon over 2 days on the prawn of which he released 3, the best fish weighing 4 lbs.

Peter Kavanagh with a 4.75 lbs salmon caught on the Ridge Pool (A special thanks goes to Chris Ryan for providing the successful fly)

Knockmore Salmon Anglers recorded 5 grilse for the week. Attymass Anglers reported 8 grilse, the best weighing 5 lbs. Coolcronan Fishery had 27 grilse for the week mostly caught on the prawn and spinning. Byrnes Fishery recorded 1 salmon for 5 lbs. Armstrong’s Fishery had 11 salmon for the week mostly on bubble & fly. Gannon’s Fisheries had 9 for the week. The Foxford Fishery reported 68 grilse, mostly caught spinning. Foxford Salmon Anglers reported 37 from their waters. Reports from Foxford town waters say that at least 4 grilse were caught for the week. Cloongee Fishery reported 47 grilse caught with 12 released.

Markus from Germany releasing a fish in Jack’s Pool on the Foxford Fishery.

East Mayo Salmon Anglers recorded 80 salmon for the week with 44 released. The heaviest fish of the week were caught by Shane Gainley, Castlebar who caught an 8 lbs salmon on a Toby and John Node, Meelick who caught an 8 lbs salmon on a fly, which he released.

Reports from the River Deel state that at least 4 salmon were caught, all spinning.

Reports from Lough Conn suggest that at least 5 salmon were caught, mostly trolling.  One salmon was reported caught on the fly, and subsequently released.