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Perfect water on the Moy sees 7 salmon recorded


Osgur Grieve reports that water conditions were perfect last week on the Moy but angling pressure is still relatively low:

Perfect water conditions on the Moy resulted in 7 salmon recorded throughout the system. Water levels recorded on Monday morning were 0.512m at Ballylahan Bridge and dropped slowly to 0.415m by Sunday evening.

Water temperatures remained on average 9˚celsius throughout the Moy system.

Ballina Salmon Anglers recorded 5 Salmon, best 10 lbs caught by local angler John Fitzpatrick in the 4th box of the weirs on a worm.

Armstrong Fisheries recorded their first salmon of the season for 8 lbs, caught by a Northern Ireland Angler.

Foxford Club Water produced an 8 lb salmon caught by a German Angler also on the worm, at the top of the Corrigeen.

As Easter approaches more Anglers are expected across the Moy system.