Vincent Appleby reports from Lough Currane…

3/3/2022 Just one boat out this day and no boat to be seen on today’s video but without any fear of contradiction he was the Brown tag invisible Currane Angler, you could say Angling clients seek him here, they seek him there and they seek him everywhere and the same goes for the Wild Atlantic Salmon.

4/2/2022 Just one Brown tag Angler manipulating the waters of Lough Currane on this calm and bright sunny day and sadly My Noble Gentlemen the Salmon ignored the lonesome Brown tag angler. Wind light and variable from the NE to the SW in the early afternoon and veered again into the NW early this evening.

5/3/2022 All quiet on the SW front this day. On the weather front it was bright and sunny and not a cloud in site followed by a light to calm East Northeast wind.

Lough Currane
A mild morning on Lough Currane

6/3/2021 The amount of Currane anglers that were manipulating their skills this day is as follows, 3 Brown tag elite anglers and one lonesome Barbless angler and going by spygate I can say for all their efforts their lines were slack. Now its Party time and yes you have it and I’m sure because Local Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy was celebrating his birthday today so on behalf of the Currane anglers and the good people of Waterville and Caherdaniel. Many Happy Returns of the Day.

7/3/2022 Just one Brown Tag boat out on this rough and overcast day with a strong SE wind blowing across the lake and in the words of Local Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of just me out and very rough and only Kelts.

Peter Huggard
Peter Huggard

8/3/2022 We start today’s notes on the very sad news that Hotelier Mr. Peter Huggard RIP of the Butler Arms Hotel, Waterville, sadly passed away yesterday. As we all know the Huggard Family have well over 100 years history in the Hotel business of that 100 years, Chef Mr. Peter Huggard RIP served 50 years of which he showed his cookery and management skills at the Butler Arms Hotel which I might add were first class and Peter will be sadly missed. So, on behalf of all the Currane anglers and Waterville golfers and all the good people of Waterville and Kerry and the good people of Co Mayo we send our Sincere Sympathies to His Wife Mary and all His Children and Grandchildren.

9/3/2022 Just for the record there was no boats out yesterday. Now back to the present, there were two Brown tag boats out and going by the slack action on ones phone you can take it that their lines were down. Wind North light with good cloud cover.

Lough Currane
A wild day on Lough Currane

10/3/2022 The Picture tells the story as the Barbless and Brown tags stations were in checkmate with a strong Southerly wind blowing, followed by rain.

Vincent Appleby

Brown Tag Draw

The third and final draw brown tags on Lough Currane will take place on March 28th to allocate the remaining 20 brown tags.

Applications for this draw may be made from 14/03/22 to 25/03/22.

Any anglers that are interested in entering the January draw are being asked to email their request to Inland Fisheries Ireland at [email protected]  providing their contact details and quoting their 2022 Salmon Licence number.

Anglers must provide in their email entry:

  1. Name
  2. Contact Address
  3. Telephone Number
  4. 2022 Salmon Licence number – including licence letter prefix

This is the only method to apply for a brown tag.  Anglers may only fish one brown tag over the full season. Multiple applications will disqualify. Salmon Licences are available to buy online at:

The brown tag regulations came into force on the Waterville catchment from January 17th and will remain in place until midnight on May 12th 2022.

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