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Anglers on board Fiona Tee enjoy a great day’s fishing

Killybegs Fishing Trips report on a beautiful December day’s fishing…
What a beautiful December day to be out fishing! The weather was cold but lovely. There were lots of fine pollack going together with a few cod and ling. In the morning, we had plenty of mackerel and some herring as well before we went after the bigger fish. The crew  ended up with 11 different species…not bad for a day out in December!

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Fiona Tee

33′ Interceptor. 300HP Caterpillar
Skipper: Michael McGettigan
Licence: 961
Base: Mullaghmore Operational area: Donegal Bay. Within 30 miles of land.

Authorised bluefin tuna boat

Notes: With over 40 years experience in Sea Angling in Donegal Bay, we bring you to the best locations and guarantee the best that angling in Donegal Bay has to offer. The MV Fiona Tee is equipped with all the latest technology ensuring all our fishing charters are monitored and offer real time tracking. We are also fully equipped with the latest in onboard safety equipment.

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