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Frantic tuna action for MV Fiona Tee in Donegal Bay


Killybegs Fishing Trips report some heart-stopping bluefin tuna action from Donegal Bay.

Read their report below…

What a day at the bluefin tuna! It was just mental from the minute the hooks were in the water. Fifteen minutes in we got a swipe but no hook up, then 10min later we got a double hook up.  First fish spat the hook after 10sec and the other fish spat the hook 20min later, so no fish to the boat unfortunately. So just getting gear out again with one set out and just letting back the 2nd when we got hooked up again. Nearly a double hook up but the 2nd fish missed, however, we managed our first fish to the boat weighing approx. 250lbs.

After that we got going again and straight away seen a massive frenzy of tuna just on our bow…no takes there but 20min later we get hooked up again and this fish really tested the gear with several runs. However, after a great battle we get the fish alongside and a much bigger fish it was weighing around 430lbs.

We fished for another while but had no more strikes so the guys decided to go back in early. Not bad for a half day’s fishing!

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Fiona Tee

33′ Interceptor. 300HP Caterpillar
Skipper: Michael McGettigan
Licence: 961
Base: Mullaghmore Operational area: Donegal Bay. Within 30 miles of land.

Authorised bluefin tuna boat

Notes: With over 40 years experience in Sea Angling in Donegal Bay, we bring you to the best locations and guarantee the best that angling in Donegal Bay has to offer. The MV Fiona Tee is equipped with all the latest technology ensuring all our fishing charters are monitored and offer real time tracking. We are also fully equipped with the latest in onboard safety equipment.

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