At last the mackerel have come inshore around Galway! Over the last week, high tides have produced excellent numbers of mackerel, as the shoals chase vast numbers of sprat into the shallows. Anglers have been out in numbers, and the docks area, Nimmo’s Pier and the prom in Salthill have all been busy the last few afternoons/evenings as the tide flowed in. It’s been great to see families and youngsters enjoying the bounty, and I heard plenty of laughter and banter over the past couple of evenings fishing.

Mackerel caught on a chartreuse Jig at distance
Mackerel caught on a chartreuse Jig at distance

While mackerel are a great eating fish, they are also great bait for other species, and sea anglers have also been out stocking up on bait supplies for the next few months. While the mackerel fishing is a very seasonal catch, there are other species available through the winter and the rest of the year. That rod you bought to catch mackerel will also catch other fish, so why not broaden your horizons and try some beach or pier fishing for a number of other species?

The local sea angling club, Galway Bay SAC is holding a few evening fishing sessions for members over the next few weeks. These are an ideal opportunity to meet members and see what the club is about, pick up a few tips and maybe get into more than a few mackerel. The club welcomes new members and is very active, holding outings and competitions throughout the year. The first evening session is on Silverstrand beach this Sunday, 30th of October at 7pm. New members welcome, and with the dark evenings a head torch is required!

Beach fishing

Go Fishing

Galway Bay Sea Angling Club is a progressive club based in Galway, but fishing competitions along the west coast. New members are always welcome, and every level of experience is catered for, with social outings right up to competitions held throughout the year. If you’re looking to get into sea angling in the west, check them out here