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Richie Ryan is back this week with more details on his tactics for mullet on the fly

Richie into a mullet

Richie Ryan shares some thoughts on flyfishing for mullet…

In January I normally head out with my fly rod chasing mullet so that they can totally frustrate me. You think salmon fishing is frustrating, try mullet on the fly! I will say, however, when you hit it right it can be fantastic fun. As often happens, when hooked, a mullet will head off like a bullet train stripping your line well into the backing. The first time this happens it’s an exhilarating experience. The humble mullet is the hardest fighting fish in the sea I reckon.

Great reward…Mullet on the fly!

If you’re fortunate to have mullet feeding where birds are fed with bread then you’re on a winner. This is where the bread fly can be deadly. The fly fishing is akin to dry fly fishing. Accuracy is not essential as you can move the fly towards the fish. A must I reckon is an indicator of some description. Don’t strike as you would a trout or you will lose the majority of your quarry. Strip striking is essential and will pay dividends I assure you. We are so lucky in the South West of Ireland to have mullet all year round. Unfortunately at some locations the shoals move around a lot adding to your frustration!

Check out YouTube for more guidance or better still purchase Colin Macleod’s excellent book Mullet on the Fly. Everything you ever wanted to know is there.

Happy hunting!


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