It may not be the most polished editing, but we’re loving this recent video from Tomas Janicek. Tomas enjoyed a day fishing in north Clare, starting before dawn at a known bass and pollack mark. He knows this mark intimately, having dived it previously, and local knowledge paid off. Despite a big swell soaking him a few times, he winkled out some nice bass and pollack here. Showing us the lures used and discussing tactics, the video is very informative about targeting these fish.

Tomas moves to another rock mark, where he catches pollack and mackerel, then the video finishes up with a nice LRF (light rock fishing) session at a local pier. Fishing much more sheltered water with much smaller lures, he catches a variety of fish, including some beautiful tub gurnard.

Check out the video below, and subscrivbe to Tomas’s Youtube channel here for more:

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