The Rock of Cashel, where the King’s Walk brings to to the banks of the River Suir

At first sight, Ireland’s Ancient East is a tranquil and beautiful land of rolling green hills, charming towns and quiet waters, all framed by the River Shannon and the Irish Sea. But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover a region that ripples with over 5,000 years of history. There are compelling characters and ancient mysteries, hidden stories and millennia-old myths. Go fishing in Ireland’s Ancient East, and you become part of the story.

What’s the Catch?

Just about all of Ireland’s most famous trout rivers and streams are found in Ireland’s Ancient East. From the Boyne to the Suir, there is somewhere for every fly angler to find magic.

Ireland’s myths and legends often favour fish. The mighty salmon is central to many of these tales from times past. But did you know that it was on the banks of the Boyne that Fionn caught the Salmon of Knowledge? With rivers like the Boyne, Slaney and Blackwater to choose from you’ll surely learn something about salmon fishing you didn’t know before…

The North East of the country and the parts of the midlands that rest in Ireland’s Ancient East are home to some Ireland’s biggest pike. But though these toothy predators become rare as you travel south, you’ll meet them once more in Cork, where Ireland’s Ancient East meets the Wild Atlantic Way

These same lakes that are host to might pike are also full of coarse fish. Anglers’ favourites like bream and tench thrive in these waters, and rudd and roach abound in great quantities. No wonder so many angling festivals are hosted here every year.

Finally, all along the coast of Ireland’s ancient east are hidden places and secret spots, but there are many places easy to find and good to fish in too. No matter if you want to fish afloat or from shore there is something here for you.

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