Both the Arvagh international Festival and the Arvagh King of Clubs are over 40 years in existence and both events have seen good times and bad; thankfully, after a rough few years, hosts and organisers at the Breffni Arms Hotel saw a lot of positives emerge from the 2023 event.

According to the organisers, most of the anglers who participated this year have rebooked for 2024 and, with with some good promotion in England, Irish angling tourism can be saved. Reports are that there haven’t been so many happy anglers in a number of years – both Pleasure and Match.

To the festivals themselves and there were some big weights recorded in the in the Arvagh September festival series, with the overall winner of both, Kevin Rowles, bagging up over 200lbs at the Arvagh International.

Day one got of to a flier with Philippe Ringot from France weighing in 37.450kg from Hollybank, followed by Andrew Lightbown from Manchester on 33.00kg and Mark Williams on 30kg.

On day two, John Price, who was fishing Kevin’s Shore, had a 25.050kg haul, also on Kevin’s Shore, Peter Rambo had 22.630kg. Andy Leathers finished with 22.550kg from Glasshouse.

To day three, once again on Hollybank, Kevin Rowles had 34.500kg, Andrew Lightbown Gulladoo and Steve Canty both had 24.450kg and Karl Heptonstall landed 24.250kg, while Mike Burrows weighed in at 23.800kg.

Kevin Green had 27.340kg on Hollybank on day Four, Willem Van-der-heln had 26.900kg Hollybank, Tony McGregor had 24.050kg and Chris Gowlin got 23.900kg,

On the final day, Andy Leathers weighed in with 26.750kg at Hollybank, Wayne Easter got 20.700kg and the overall winner weighed in with 20.600kg from Gulladoo.

  • 1st    Kevin Rowles          90.600kg
  • 2nd  Andrew Lightbown    82.800kg
  • 3rd  Andy Leathers           81.830kg
  • 4th  Kevin Green              76.340kg
  • 5th Willem-Van-Der-Heln 76.160kg
  • 6th Philippe Ringot          75.650kg


At the King of Clubs there was another great week’s fishing in Arvagh in very difficult wet and windy conditions. Once again, it was Kevin Rowles with an overall weight of 72.480kg who came out as the overall winner for the 2nd week in a row and his 3rd time to lift the King of Clubs perpetual Trophy.

Day one saw Kevin Rowles continue as he finished the previous week with a weight of 20.480kg from Hollybank. Kevin Johnson landed 15.140kg from Gulladoo, while Ian Germaney caught 13.930kg and Simon Godfrey weighed 13.880kg in at Gulladoo.

The best weight on day two was Tony McGregor’s on Hollybank with 17.700kg, Kevin Rowles 17.300kg at Glasshouse and Steve Richardson landed 15.100kg on Hollybank.

On day three, Wayne Easter had 16.700kg on Hollybank, Kevin Rowles had 16.450kg, Robert Holt got 15.00kg and Andrew Lightbown had 14.400kg.

Simon Godfrey was best weight on day four with 24.200kg on Hollybank, with Kevin Johnson weighing 16.830kg also on Hollybank. Robert Holt caught 14.100kg on Glasshouse and Peter Riley landed 12.500kg on Gulladoo.

On the final day, John Price took 14.240kg on Glasshouse, Ian Germaney landed 11.790kg, Steve Ryan had 11.700k and overall champ Kevin Rowles landed 11.450kg on Kevin’s Shore.


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