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Connaught Match Group – 3 day May Festival Results

Shane Dunne reports on this year’s May festival
This year’s festival was once again hosted on the River Suck at Donamon and Emlagh. Anglers from all across Ireland and a few travelling across from the UK gathered at Castlecoote Lodge on the first morning for the draw.
Day 1 results. 

1st Michael O’Connor (Kildare) 8.900kg
2nd Rory Dunne (Roscommon) 7.875kg
3rd Dara Finnegan (Castlerea) 5.125kg
Day 2 results. 

1st Niall Mc Kitterick(Cavan) 7.025kg
2nd Gary Mckay(Galway) 6.500kg
3rd Dara Finnegan 4.700kg
Day 3 results 

1st Rory Dunne 5.600kg
2nd Jamie Murray (Drogheda) 4.775kg
3rd Ian Kelsey (clare) 4.100kg
Overall top 5 after 3 days was 

1st Rory Dunne 17.700kg
2nd Michael O’Connor 14.550kg
3rd Dara Finnegan 13.250kg
4th Niall Mc Kitterick 12.775kg
5th Ronnie Goldwater(Leeds) 11.425kg
The club would like to thank all who travelled from far and wide to fish the festival once again. High water levels and cold weather in recent weeks made the fishing a bit more difficult but everyone had a good weekend.
Thanks to IFI for their continued work in the River Suck area, as without their help, competitions would not be possible.
And lastly, thanks to the Leyden family in Castlecoote Lodge for their continued support in hosting this event. Their support is appreciated by everyone fishing these events.
Shane Dunne
Connaught Match Group