Julian Kendrick
Julian Kendrick

Anglers fishing the 3 day St Patrick’s Festival on Inniscarra enjoyed some great fishing with many anglers bagging up in style. Fountains House, Turtle Bay and the Garden Centre were the chosen sections. Each section produced weights in excess of 10kg for at least one angler each day, with the Garden Centre fishing best. Day 2 saw some incredible catches with 16.990kg, 27.130kg and 29.730kg catches recorded.

At the end of Day 1 John Browne led on 24.810kg from the Garden Centre. John was closely followed by Duncan Lennox and Paddy O’Neil who also fished this productive section.

Day 2 saw some changes to the leader board as Marcin Bobka added to his day one catch of 15.670kg from Fountain House with a mighty 29.730kg from the Garden Centre. Paul McCaul jumped 12 places to 2nd with and equally impressive 27.130kg, also from the Garden Centre, while John Brown did enough at Turtle Bay to stay in the top 3.

The last day saw a slight reshuffle of the top 5, but there was no change for 1,2 and 3. Marcin had his turn at Turtle bay and his 7.110kg catch was enough to secure him 1st place. Paul did slightly better with 7.140kg which saw him hold second while John fishing at Fountain House held 3rd place with 4.780kg Julian and Kendrick and Peter Jones fished steadily through out to take 4th and 5th. While the top 2 were stand out winners, the middle of the table shows some very tight margins, as the top 12-6 all made between 30 and 33kg.

inniscarra Patricks Festical 2023

Inniscarra Festival keeps on rolling

After the success of the St Patricks 3 day Match what better than a 1 day match followed by another 3 day festival?

One Day Match

Julian Kendrick
Julian Kendrick

Tuesday’s 1 day Match winner was Julian Kendrick with an impressive 24.880kg.

A section was win by The Ronnie Goldwater! He had 16.880 – he is back on form.

B section was won with 11.720 by Neall McKitterick!

3 Day Match – part 2

Wednesday saw the second 3 day festival, sponsored by Trevs Tackle Ireland, kick off.

Fountain House produced the top 4 weights for on the first day. Neall McKitterick topped the scales with 44.4kg.

1st Neall McKitterick 44.4kg
2nd was Ronnie Goldwater with 41.8kg
3rd was Trev Platt with 39.530
4th was Gary Watson with 21.4kg.

The Garden Centre didn’t disappoint either and was won by Julian Kendrick with 17.1kg.

There are 2 more days to go with lines in to be called on Friday Afternoon. We’ll have an update for you when it’s all over.

Go fishing…

Dont forget – there is an open match on 25th March. This will mark the end of this year’s St Patrick’s festival !