This from the Lough Muckno Festival Group:
With one week to go to our Lough Muckno July Festival we advise that there’s still time to book on, to what has always been an enjoyable event with loads of fish being caught.
Starting Monday the 24th the registration and draw will commence 8am at the Old Coach Inn with fishing 11.30am to 4.30pm.
Sections being used to be decided following registration and strict Health and Safety protocols to be observed as agreed with Monaghan County Council.
Peter Walsh is in charge of running and organising this and all other Lough Muckno events and Festivals backed up by Richard Caplice and a number of others recently appointed from within our group.
We also much appreciate the UK promotional assistance from within the UK visiting anglers, especially that of Elmo and his friends.
All anglers must continue to book on through the Lough Muckno group, to validate our position with the owners, stakeholders, our insurers and to comply with new health and safety conditions.
We ask all competitors in this Festival to signal their intention to attend by simply entering their name in the comment section on Facebook. 
This will give us final numbers and an understanding of sections required in good time.
With extensive plans for extended and wider leisure use at Lough Muckno, Richard Caplice continues to be in charge of all negotiations on behalf of anglers and asks for all of your support in compliance with protocols and changes in venue use, as agreed.
Festivals and match rules will be posted during the week and prize fund payout will also be posted as soon as numbers in this event are known.
Intended Entrants, please comment “book me in please “ in comments section on Facebook. 
Also remember that there are two separate, open, all method matches, on the Saturday and Sunday following the Festival.

Please fish in a sustainable manner