Dan O’Neill reports on a trip to the River Barrow in search of perch at the weekend…

Taking a look at the weather forecast I was not fully filled with hope for the coming days. Usually I would tie some flies, grease reels, practice some casting when the weather get this way, but my apprentice Anthony had different ideas. “Lets try for a perch!”, was my morning alarm call which sounded a lot better than my usual alarm tone. Full of knowledge from watching his latest you tube videos Anthony was all chat about how he was going to approach the tricky conditions on the River Barrow today.

Arriving at the location the river sure did look angry, churning and pushing quickly down by the banks. I could feel Anthony looking at me as I was lining up the rods, thinking I was going to admit defeat and head home for the fly vice or lawn for some casting. Not this time. With a healthy supply of garden worms and very colourful box of lures away we marched to the canals. As we approached the lock gates we saw a couple of young anglers trying the usual little spot so decided to move a little further on, having a few casts as we approached the area we had decided to fish. The water at this point was quite dirty so we both decided to fish worms on a float near a sunken tree.

perch barrow
Anthony with a perch

It wasn’t very long before the float made its way to the depths being tugged down by a our first little stripey. I find seeing a float disappear something that gives me a unique feeling which judging by Anthony’s excitement gives him the exact same feeling. As the rain got a little heavier we began to move around a bit, fishing to features that looked perchy. We had quite a few nice sized perch but nothing very big so the chase continues.

As the day came to a close we shared some riverbank stories , Anthony now beginning to have stories of his own as his angling journey evolves. I no longer get away with “the one that got away” stories. So I am on a journey to make stories with Anthony that he can share with friends and his own children in many years to come when I hopefully become the wise grandad that uses the old age fishing tackle, tackle that is currently the leading technology in angling. How times change.

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