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Visiting anglers dominate at Enfield International Festival


Royal Enfield Coarse Angling Club held a two-day festival on the Royal Canal recently. The competition was held at two different venues, with anglers fishing the first day at Longwood, before heading to Blackshade for the second day.

Day one proved to be a bit of a struggle as anglers found it hard to entice the fish, and at the end of the day, Jimmy Kelly was just out in front, followed closely by Sid Baldock.

A nice bream for Sid Baldock

The move to Blackshade on day 2 saw a good improvement in the fishing, and Niall Sutton had the best bag of the day. But Sid Baldock from Leigh in the UK was the most consistent angler over the two days and he walked away with the Progressive Genetics perpetual cup along with Fred Moss Memorial cup. Dave Walmsley was second followed by Niall Sutton in third.

Sid with his trophies

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