Skipper John Fleming was too busy for a few days to update his Facebook page, but when he did it was worth the wait!

This has probably been one of the best week’s sharking we have ever had here in Galway Bay. I had the pleasure of welcoming John, Tim and Harry from the UK for two days at the start of last week. Their target: anything with teeth! Day 1 was frustrating albeit John got his first porbeagle and so did young Harry but the fish were very slow on the take.
On day 2 we were confined to the bay chasing tope (which didn’t show of course). However, the lads went home very happy to have gotten their first porbeagles.

We then had a local group of mixed regulars, with
two big fish lost at the side for Brian Darcy and Paul Kirwan unfortunately but another 3 to the boat for David Quirke
Again another group of locals for last weekend, with Tom Lynch, Thomas Markey, Dave Cashen and Dempsey. The weather was ideal in the morning with a bit of sea in it, but didn’t get up until it was time for home. Dave had one fish in the morning and it was about six drops after that.
Day 2 only saw Thomas and Dave with us as a couple of the lads fell ill. A slower day but a more positive result. Thomas had one big fish somewhere around the 200lb mark and Dave had one around 100lb.
Last Monday saw us with another group from the east coast again organised by Thomas Markey. The crew consisted of Thomas, Kit Dunne from Wicklow Boat Charters, Ray Nugent, Cormac Ryan and his son Donnacha.
The target… porbeagles… obviously!
So with plenty of pollock and coalies aboard for bait, we set off for our first drift across a reef. We weren’t waiting long until Thomas was into a fish, 1 of 2 good solid porgies for him on the day.
Once the fish was released Kit didn’t waste any time getting back out and was almost immediately hooked into a big fish. And so the pain began – 45 ish minutes of solid pressure with the fish coming to the boat on numerous occasions.
Once we got her to the boat we knew we had a very good fish and decided to put the measuring mat alongside her and sure enough, she made specimen, delighted to be a part of Kit getting yet another specimen to add to his tally.
The action was pretty steady to the end of the day. Ray was up next with his first beagle which gave him a good run around and as usual, Ray had plenty of one-liners to keep us entertained for the day.

Next up was 12-year-old Donnacha and he gave that beagle a hard time and got her to the boat very quickly, and almost immediately after that, his father Cormac was into the last fish of the day.
So after everyone getting a fish, 2 for Thomas and with the weather freshening it was time to steam home.
A red letter day for me with our first specimen porbeagle being claimed on the boat, and with 3 more anglers with their first porbeagles.
And Thomas with more again haha.
Delighted with that!

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The shark season usually starts at the end of June and runs into late October, this is the ultimate angling adrenaline rush with these hard fighting blue and porbeagle sharks all being tagged and released safely.
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