The Go & Catch Lithuanian Fishing Club spent the last Sunday of May fishing a pike competition on Lough Gowna. Fifty anglers turned out on a sunny day for a team competition to win the Skure Cup 2023. The competition ran for 7 hours, and the minimum target for each team was to catch five pike over 50cm. Each pike was measured, and the longest five pike for each team went to make the total score.

Results were as follows:

First place winners:
Mantas and Simas with 5 pikes in total length 441cm
Second place winners:
Kamil and Tomas with 5 pikes in total length 436cm
Third place winners:
Giedrius and Audrius with 5 pikes in total length 407cm
The biggest fish winner is Aodhan with 99cm pike.

Please fish in a sustainable manner