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Like most rivers over the last few months, the Nore here in Thomastown has been quite high and unfishable.

Last Friday I fished it for the day with mixed results. The water was still at a push coming through and fish were patchy enough. With not seeing many rises I stuck to the nymphs and over the course of the day managed a good few sizable fish. It was hard work wading through the heavy rapids and searching out the trout. Mostly they were lying in the eddies just off the main runs and sitting quite tight. The best nymphs I found for the day were 3.5mm copper beaded hares ear caddis and a 3mm pheasant tail Frenchie with a glo-brite No.4 butt. With some nice sunshine now and heat we could see a good end to the season on the Nore and it will be well worth a run over the next few weeks.


On Sunday I spent the day on the amazing Kings river here in Kilkenny. This river has fished quite well over the season due to the increased water levels for the summer months. The level was perfect and walking down the bank I witnessed lots of active trout. Working 2 smaller beads (2.5mm) and a dry Dropper set up it was a conveyer belt of takes through out the morning and early afternoon. Around 2pm it all changed – the trout went completely dormant and the takes dried up fast. I still managed a few but they were very few and far between. I think getting on to the river much earlier in the day would be the key before the sun puts the fish asleep. The best nymphs through out this session were the black Frenchie in 2.5mm and my grey heron Frenchie in 2.5mm. These 2 nymphs are always a good pairing this time of year.

To have a look at any of the above flies click the following links: Grey Heron Frenchie, Black Frenchie, Hare’s ear caddis, Pheasant tail Frenchie

For more information and details about where to fish and get permits drop me a line [email protected].

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