Inland Fisheries Ireland would like to invite you to a workshop with a twist – to play a serious game about managing diadromous fish species, named DiadESland.

Location: Waterford

Date: Thursday 2nd of March 2023

DiadESland is an interactive role-playing engagement tool developed through the Interreg DiadES project. It gives stakeholders and managers an opportunity to discuss the impact of climate change on migratory fish, rivers and catchments through an imaginary environment. Participants will team-up and play the role of catchment managers, making management decisions to achieve a set of goals for their catchment.

It is an excellent opportunity for networking in an informal setting but with an important objective – to discuss the serious issues facing diadromous fish species in the context of climate change. This session will allow us to discuss future strategies and management recommendations.

Our EU Interreg AA funding allows us to provide our players with a fully catered workshop, and travel costs will be refunded (as required).

There is no requirement for expertise in fish or fish management to play the game and all sectors involved with fish management or commercialisation are warmly invited.

Please register your interest here: