Last week saw the release of the EPA’s Water Quality report which provides an update on the water quality of Ireland’s rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal, and groundwaters for 2022.

With nitrogen levels increasing in rivers, what will it mean for our fishing?

The main headline from it was the fact that there has been no improvement in water quality of rivers or lakes with nitrogen levels increasing in rivers overall and to find out more, this week’s Ireland on the Fly podcast spoke to Mary Gurrie, Programme Manager with the EPA.

There has been a steady decline since 2012 she told Daire & Tom, which has been somewhat arrested in the last two years, however, farming and waste water are the key issues in the problem of water quality which must be addressed in the coming years.

water quality

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You can read the EPA report at:–assessment/freshwater–marine/water-quality-in-2022-indicator-report.php