The Leinster Pike Anglers switched venues from the Shannon system to the Erne system for this year’s 2-day boat angling competition, and they were rewarded with some super catches. Saturday was a fine day weather-wise, and the biggest fish of the day was an 18lb 3oz pike for Jay Cooke.

Sunday’s duller weather really brought the fish on the feed, and once again, Jay Cooke landed the biggest pike of the day with a fish of 20lb 7oz. Those fish put him right to the top of the leaderboard, with the overall results as follows:

Overall 2 day results outright winners
1st…Jay Cooke….. 20fish 142lb 8oz
2nd…Anto McCabe 22 fish 97lb 4oz
3rd…Will Carney 11 fish 75lb 15oz
4th…Rodney Gaynor 15 fish 72lb 1oz
5th…Pat Lowery 20 fish 71lb 8oz

Heaviest fish…
Only a few ounces between the top 3 great fish
1st…Jay Cooke…20.07
2nd…Anto Byrne..20.06
3rd…Damien o Dowd..20.05

Best Boat..
Jay Cooke & Will Carney 30 fish 217lb 13oz

1st..Will Carney..54lb 12oz
2nd.. Jay Cooke..48lb 2oz
3rd..Rodney Gaynor..40lb 4oz
4th..Anto McCabe..39lb 13oz

Heaviest fish
Jay Cooke…18lb 3oz

Pairs winners
1st Jay Cooke & Will Carney 15 fish 102lb 15oz
2nd Anto McCabe & Francis o Hare 13 fish 73lb 01oz

1st..Jay Cooke..94lb 6oz
2nd..Anto Byrne..58lb 14oz
3rd..Anto McCabe..57lb 7oz
4th..Pat Lowery..54lb 12oz

Heaviest fish
Jay Cooke….20lb 7oz

Pairs winners
1st Jay Cooke & Will Carney 15 fish 114lb 8oz
2nd Anto Byrne & Fran Crosbie 8 fish 85lb 11oz

Please fish in a sustainable manner