releasing a trout

Karoly Gyorfi was pike fishing on Sunday when the rod almost buckled with a huge hit. The fish was firmly hooked and gave the angler a good account of itself. As the fish was brought to the side of the boat for landing it was suddenly clear that this was not a pike. The (un)lucky angler had caught himself a huge trout on a big trout shaped soft plastic.

This happens to pike anglers every so often in their angling careers and Karoly did what is recommended, quickly and safely released the trout. He had one other fish on the day, the intended quarry, a pike. The fish took a large jerk bait. It was measured at 85cm and safely released.

If you are ever fishing and catch a fish that is out of season, or for which you don’t have a licence, it’s not a problem – just quickly and safely release your catch.

trout derg
An out of season trout from Lough Derg, the lure was meant for a big pike, – quickly released!


Irish Fishing Regulations

Irish Fishing Regulations