How’s the Fishing?

With the autumn days getting colder and darker, it’s the ideal time to chuck some bigger, heavier flies for those enticing takes from Pike. This time of year Pike are on the take much harder, chasing their food and much more aggressive. Meaning a better chance of hook up’s with these fantastic fish. Best choice of rod is a 9 or 10 foot rod for a 8/9 weight along with a matching floating or fast intermediate line. Short 6 to 7 foot shock leader (30lb) down to a 12inch trace attached to your pike fly or fly of choice is a great, but simple setup without making it too complicated. Medium to long strips in a slow fast actioned pace with short pause in between each strip, has been found to best entice a take from these fish for us in past and of late.


Pike can be found in most canal ways across the country. Slow sections of rivers close to the bank or near protected lies of islands in middle of rivers. And lakes best fished out from reeds and weed beds, whilst also fishing drop offs from shallows as these pike target their prey fish in this area. Be sure to have long forceps and be care of their sharp mouths if handling them. Enjoy the experience, if need more info feel free to contact us at or drop me a line [email protected]. We have everything you need to get out fishing after them so give us a call or check out the products online.

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Airflo restock

Perfect for all your bank fishing needs, fly rods, reels, lines and boxes and lots lots more.

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A trip to Adaire Aprings angling centre. Great turnout on Saturday for the open day and the official launch of the Irish Spring Angling Fair 2024.

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We are nearly there, in the testing phase now. Testing so far is going good. Content being uploaded. App to go with the club is looking good and user friendly. Excited to see how this will evolve.


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