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Catch numbers on the Moy improve significantly

Adam Connolly releasing a 6.5lbs salmon on the Ridge Pool caught skating microtubes

Steve Schreck reports from the River Moy…

Angling Report week ending 09/07/23

The first decent rain in about two months, although only causing a smallish flood, encouraged a good number of fish to run the system late last week and therefore catch numbers improved quite significantly. In total 369 salmon have been reported caught, which is an increase of more than 50% compared to the previous week. A few double figure fish are still being caught, but the majority of fish are grilse and most of them a nice size too. Water levels at Ballylahan bridge rose to 0.8m on Friday and started tapering off Saturday evening, to end the week at 0.3m.

The Moy Fishery recorded 26 salmon caught for the week, of which 17 were released. 21 fish were caught on the Ridge Pool, 2 on the Weir Pool and 3 on the Cathedral Beat. The biggest salmon weighed 12lbs and being a henfish she was released to continue her journey and produce some more multi sea winter salmon.

Markus Elsenberger releasing a nice grilse of 4lbs at the Ridge Pool
Matthew Prendergast with a nice grilse from the Weir Pool

Ballina Salmon Anglers reported 25 salmon for the week. The biggest fish weighed 7lbs, while the rest was in the 3lbs-5lbs bracket.

Mount Falcon reported 15 fish, of which 2 were released.  Most successful methods were worm and spinner.

Attymass Angling Club recorded 11 fish, 6 from Padden’s and 5 from the Wood Pool.

Knockmore Salmon Anglers recorded 9 salmon for the week.

Coolcronan Fishery reported 13 salmon for the week.

Byrne’s Fishery reported 5 salmon caught on the worm.

Armstrong Fishery recorded 27 fish, of which 11 were caught on the worm and the rest on prawn and spinner. The biggest salmon weighed 12lbs.

Gannon’s Fishery reported 34 salmon, with the best one being a 7lbs fish.  Most salmon weighed between 4lbs and 5lbs.

Foxford Salmon Anglers had 64 salmon for the week. The worm and the spinner were the most successful methods.

Local reports from the Foxford Rocks Fishery suggest that 30 salmon were caught, mostly on bubble and fly and the prawn.

The Foxford Fishery recorded 42 salmon caught for the week. The best fish of 12lbs was taken on the worm.

Cloongee Fishery reported 11 salmon for the week, all of them released.

East Mayo Anglers reported 54 salmon for the week, 10 of which were released. Most fish were in the 2.5lbs to 7lbs range, with the biggest fish weighing 10.5lbs. All methods were successful.

Three salmon were reported caught upstream of Cloongullaun Bridge weighing 6.5 lbs, 3 lbs and 1.5 lbs. Successful methods were spinner and fly.