During the past two weeks Carrowmore Lake continued to produce decent numbers of spring salmon. Most of the good fishing was confined to late afternoon or evening hours. However, the fishing was patchy at times and generally angles had to put in the hours to be successful.

For Jens Buttler, however, the stars aligned when fishing together with local angler John Cosgrove  during the week. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Jens decided to team up with John who had caught a couple nice fish the days before and knows the lake like the back of his hand. After rising a fish each, the rod bent again and just a few moments later Jens played his first Irish salmon. Needless to say that the fine 8lbs springer took one of John’s own tyings…a “Cosgrove Special”.

It was a great moment for Jens when the fish was finally in the net as he had come all the way from Germany to try his luck lough style fishing for salmon. It was Jens’ first visit to Ireland but definitely not the last…

Please note that Carrowmore Lake is a brown tag fishery. For bookings contact Bangor Erris Angling Club www.bangorerrisangling.com