Frankie McPhillips

Frankie McPhillips – how he was nearly lost to newspapers instead of fly tying

Daire and Tom turn their attention to fly tying for this week’s episode of Ireland on the Fly and their guest is a bit of a legend in Irish fly tying circles it has to be said.

Yet his flies might never have graced our waters and caught so many fish if it wasn’t for a sliding doors moment in the life of Frankie McPhillips when he was looking for work…..

Frankie describes a different time in the 1970s and 1980s when good, quality flies were hard to come by and how after 45 years he’s still as much in demand.

Looking back on his fly fishing life, Frankie talks about friendship and fishing with Ted Malone who was still casting and catching on Lough Corrib up until the age of 96.

Frankie has also written a poem called, ‘Under Tattenweir Bridge’ which he reads out on the podcast.

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Frankie McPhillips
Frankie McPhillips