Dan O’Neill writes a review of the 2023 season on the River Nore…

Looking back over the 2023 season has been my main concentration over the last few weeks. As usual with this time of year with most anglers we always say we didn’t get to visit the river, lakes or streams quite often enough. Guiding brings people from all over the world to me, I am lucky enough to have the river Nore nearby which is where I take most of my clients.


This season threw us many challenges. Mostly floods that were strange for the time of year. Streamer fishing was touched on more often this season than some previous seasons. I did enjoy quite a few evenings dry fly fishing and plenty of wet fly fishing also which are both my favourite methods of fishing for trout. I didn’t manage to get to many other rivers this year but was more than content bringing clients out on the Mount Juliet stretch all season.


Salmon fishing this season was disappointing, conditions came right quite a bit over the season and anglers were very surprised that nothing showed up after several hours and days of fishing. Overall numbers of salmon were down for the season on the stretch here compared to past seasons.


I held some free tuition classes throughout the season also that went very well. I feel it’s great to give back to our sport and fellow anglers at every given chance. Anthony managed to get “hooked” on Tench fishing over the depths of the summer which gave plenty of memories that we now talk about on the way to our winter fishing trips.

Upcoming courses

I will be holding group classes 25th and 26th of November and the 2nd and 3rd of December, places are limited. The aim of the class is to help people who are looking to improve their knowledge on fly-fishing, fly-fishing equipment and casting techniques. Fly fishing can be a minefield and it’s very hard to decide which leader, tippet, floatants etc to choose. If you are interested in a class, contact me through Facebook or on my details below.

Coming up on November the 15th I am running a development day. The day is free to attend but numbers are limited. There will be demonstrations with the Cadence 9ft 5wt, Cadence 10ft 5wt, Cadence 10ft 3wt.I will also have the Cadence range of fly lines and reels with me so come along and try a reel or line on your fly rod. There will be one on one tuition on the day also.

So, another season has passed us by and like mentioned I feel I didn’t do enough. Now me and Anthony are hitting the lakes and River Barrow for our winter trips, the thermos getting dusted off and winter angling acquaintances contacted to see how their summer went. What a wonderful pastime we all share.

Go Fishing…

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