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Bass still about, bigger tides on the way


Cormac Walsh of The Lure Fishing Podcast reckons there have been some bass about over the last week, even though there have been some very slack tides. There was still a big ground swell present on the south east coast as a result of the previous big tides and this hampered his fishing on the usual coastal spots – meaning a trip up the estuary to search for a few fish.

Cormac ended up using the wrong rod by accident as he pulled it out out the van and didn’t realise until he was casting, when he was pleasantly surprised at how well the rod worked the surface lures. The rod is a Majorcraft 10ft, 7-45g he normally uses for heavier bass work. Although being 10ft, it only weighs 145g and is very smooth and slick to cast, so he really enjoyed using it.

There were a few fish around the top of the afternoon high tides with the Fishus Lures UK/Ireland Espitit doing the business once again.

New moon is nearly upon us again with some nice tides and decent weather – hopefully a few fish show up.