John Fleming of Bluesharkangling had a crew of Dubliners out with him during the week and they faced some pretty lousy weather and heavy seas that had them seek shelter around Inis Mor. Not daunted by the rough conditions, they decided to take the opportunity to target some wrasse, and that decision paid off as they got a few decent ballans and a couple of cuckoos that fell just short of specimen size.

A millimetre short of the specimen size of 35cm….
A ballan from the shelter of Inis Mor
Anotehr Galway Bay ballan

Their second day out was still quite blowy but otherwise a better day to be on the water, and they were able to anchor up and fish for tope and huss. The plan worked out as all managed to score with the tope, and a few huss came to the boat too.

Tope were on the cards on Day 2

Please fish in a sustainable manner