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Donegal rock mark produces some cracking pollack

Killybegs Mariners member Stefan Martin enjoyed some great pollack action during the week. Read his report below…
A super evening on Donegal Bay with a short window of tide after work and conditions just perfect it was a quick grab of the lure gear and set off along the shore for the mark.
Lacing up the 2/0 hook with the pink paddle tail and first cast I felt a jolt on the drop as it got swallowed on the drop and all he’ll broke loose as a big fish ran hard but managed to get it moving and another few hard tail swooshes drew line from the reel its just a matter of holding on and hoping the line doesn’t break. A fine shank of golden pollack came nicely to the waiting landing net and a quick measure on the mat it was 70cm and got it back in to catch another day.
Perfect conditions
Screaming reels brought this 70cm fish
Plenty of decent yet smaller fish with the best of the rest going mid 60cm before the take died off and it was time to relax and enjoy the sunset.
Last weekend the Mariners crew had a club boat trip which produced a total of 19 species with the winning score of 12 species for Daragh McGuinness on a day fishing different grounds of sand and reef fishing. Also a bit of drama as a club record size bin lid of a turbot was lost at the rail for Dessie O’Keeney…ah well always next time!
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