Greystones Ridge Angling Club held their annual Tope festival last weekend, which attracted small-boat anglers from around the country to the east coast venue. Fished over two days, the first day out was hampered by strong winds, which meant restrictions on the areas to be fished. Despite this, there were a few good fish caught, including three to specimen size.

Day two saw the weather improve considerably, and boats could now travel offshore to more productive grounds. To help things along, mackerel were abundant close to the harbour, so fresh bait wasn’t an issue. All this meant that the fishing was much more eventful, and a total of 55 fish were brought to the boat, making it a hectic day for the stewards. When all was said and done, Padraic Clear came in with the longest tope, a fine specimen of 170.5cm. Meanwhile, Sean Byrne and Stephen Hanway finished neck and neck for landing the most tope, each bringing 11 to the boat, with Sean winning the prize as he had a better combined total length.

Full results as follows:

1st Longest Tope Padraic Clear – 170.5cm

2nd Longest Tope Tom Fanning – 165cm
3rd Longest Tope Dickie O’Connor – 159cm
4th Longest Tope Padraic Clear – 157.5cm
5th Longest Tope Rob Scott – 154.5cm
6th (joint) Longest Tope Clebar Marcelino – 154cm
6th (joint) Longest Tope Willow Quigley – 154cm
7th (joint) Longest Tope Sean Byrne – 153cm
7th (joint) Longest Tope Damien Sherlock – 153cm
8th (joint) Longest Tope Joe Muddiman – 150cm
8th (joint) Longest Tope Fran Duffy – 150cm
9th (joint) Longest Tope Mark Cahill – 149cm

9th (joint) Longest Tope Conor McElwaine – 149cm

Most Tope Sean Byrne with 11 Tope

Longest Smooth Hound Dave Lynch – 103cm

Smallest Tope Sean Byrne – 67cm

Fastest 5 Tope Day 1
1. Stephen Hanaway
2. Clyde McElwaine
3. Sean Byrne
4. Mark Cahill
5. Dave Lynch
Fastest 5 Tope Day 2
1.Joe Muddiman
2. Damien Sherlock
3. Padraic Clear
4. Conor McElwaine
5. Alex Matthews
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