Dave Edwards of West Cork Charters was in touch regarding the plight of a porbeagle shark that was caught on his charter boat off the Cork coast yesterday. The unfortunate shark, which weighed approx 140lb, had managed to become entangled in a packing strap that had embedded into the flesh on its body and also impinged on its fins.

The packing strap that caused the damage

There’s no doubt the animal would have been in some distress due to the injury, and it may well have led to the death of the shark if it hadn’t been removed by Dave. It should serve as a reminder to us all of the danger posed by waste discarded into the environment and the impact that has on our flora and fauna.

It’s prime sharking time off the Cork coast right now, and Dave, who tags shark for the Marine Sportfish Tagging Programme had a few blues to go with the lucky porbeagle, all of which were released again.

Please fish in a sustainable manner

Go fishing…

West Cork Charters operates the Silver Dawn, a 41′ Rodman 1250 with twin 430 HP Engines out of Courtmacsherry. The range of fishing found within close range of Courtmacsherry is superb, with trips producing anything between 6 and 15 different species as a norm and in excess of 20 is possible if anglers are prepared to change methods and use different baits and lures throughout their trip. As a rule mackerel, pollock, cod and ling are usually encountered but several species of wrasse along with whiting, pouting, coalfish, bull huss, conger and many more are often added to the catch.
If you do choose to head offshore to sample the superb shark fishing available within 10 miles of Courtmacsherry, there is a very strong chance of encountering blue sharks and an increasing chance of bringing a porbeagle shark to the boat.

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