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Rare species caught off the Sligo coast!


We received a report from charter skipper Tommy McCallion of  Sea Fishing Sligo about a vary rare catch of an amberjack for one of his customers when fishing off the Sligo coast. Amberjacks are usually found a lot further south and only very few catches have ever been reported in Irish waters so far. Adult amberjacks can weigh up to 80kg, with fish between 20 – 40kg fairly common in the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean Sea.

Read Tommy McCallion’s great report below… 

Oh, what a fascinating aquatic tale unfolds! Amidst the vast expanse of the deep blue sea, a captivating creature chose to reveal itself—an extraordinary “Greater Amberjack,” its shimmering scales reflecting the glimmering rays of the sun. It was a weekend destined for adventure and unexpected surprises.

With skilled hands and an adventurous spirit, Rimantas Cironka cast his line into the mysterious depths. Little did he know that he was about to engage in a battle of wills with a magnificent denizen of the ocean. The Greater Amberjack, a true guardian of the sea, put up a valiant fight, showcasing its strength and resilience, leaving Rimantas and the entire seafishingsligo.ie team in awe.

As the sea breeze carried whispers of wonder, the crew of the Stingray united in their pursuit, an intricate dance of strategy and perseverance as they reeled in their majestic catch. The adrenaline rush surged through their veins, mirroring the heartbeat of the ocean.

This remarkable encounter with the enigmatic Greater Amberjack became a tale that would be etched into the maritime lore of seafaring enthusiasts. Word of this astonishing feat spread like wildfire, captivating the hearts of all who heard it. It ignited a spark of inspiration in those who dreamt of exploring the depths of the ocean, for the sea holds secrets beyond imagination.

And so, this extraordinary fish and its brave captor, Rimantas, stand as a testament to the allure of the sea and the boundless mysteries it conceals. It is a reminder that the world beneath the waves is a treasure trove of wonder, waiting to be unveiled by intrepid souls like the seafishingsligo.ie team.

Rimantas’ juvenile amberjack

May this tale of the “Greater Amberjack” inspire daring adventurers and curious minds alike to venture forth into the realm of the sea, where every cast of the line may bring forth a tale of beauty and marvel, waiting to be shared with the world.

With every fishing expedition, the ocean reveals its secrets, one catch at a time, leaving us marveling at the magic of nature and the wonders it bestows upon us. And who knows, perhaps more captivating encounters with mythical sea creatures await, yearning to be discovered by those who dare to set sail into the unknown.

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