Last Sunday, South Shore SAC headed to the north beach in Wicklow for the second round of their master anglers series. Weather was good, with a southerly wind that made conditions nice, well, for all bar those anglers in the downwind vicinity of Wicklow sewage works…

In fact, it turned out that conditions were ‘too good’ for the time of year, as the quiet seas meant that the whiting were bite shy, and big numbers were not going to feature. Many anglers struggled to catch anything of countable size, but Des Farrelly, fishing in Zone A, managed to winkle them out when many others fell short, and he landed 12 to come top of the rankings on the day.

Small whiting were the order of the day

Ian Daly, fishing in Zone B, also managed to outfish those around him, landing 8 fish to win his zone, while Evan Mason won the junior section with 4 fish. Full report on the South Shore SAC Facebook page.