Home Sea angling reports Spotted rays and big pollack for Killybegs Mariners

Spotted rays and big pollack for Killybegs Mariners

The great fishing along the Donegal coast continued for the Mariners crew during the week. Read their report below…
A super Sunday special on the shore after watching the superstars of Limerick in the all Ireland final we headed for the shores of Donegal after the final whistle to fish the coming tide into darkness.
A handy wee mark we fired the bait rods out at distance and fished lures off to the side over the reefs.
First casts on the bait rods hooked into two spotted rays with one landed at 56cm and one getting off whilst staying deep over the reef. A few small dabs and dogs was all that came after the initial flurry.
Spotted ray
Nice pollack
All the action came to the lure rods with some huge pollack to a variety of lures and hitting very close in as the bigger fish came prowling tight to the rocks on dusk. Luckily enough its a deep water mark that allows you to avoid snags and the pollack dives for the bottom and takes line from the screaming reel. Super fun. A few pollack over the 60cm and the biggest measuring 73cm all released after a pic.
Please fish in a sustainable manner