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Successful Killybegs Mariners vs. Howth SAC inter-club competition on Streedagh Beach in Co. Sligo


Last Sunday, Killybegs Mariners SAC and Howth Sea Angling Club fished an inter-club competition. Read their report below..

A super day out on the famous Streedagh Beach for the Mariners and Howth Sea Angling Club inter-club competition on the Spanish Armada historical site in Grange, Sligo.

Conditions were tough with the big surf venue with the road to the beach lined with surfer vans as we all chased the same thing, the lifestyle of the west coast beaches to enjoy nature at its best.

Peter McQuillan with a 38cm flounder on the way to the overall win

Some great fish were caught with quite a few turbot breaking the 30cm mark which is always nice to see and the longest being a 34cm turbot for Noel o O’Shea of Howth. Cara Boyle of Mariners had some lovely hauls including a treble shot of turbot. Also some big flounders on the go and the longest was a 38cm for Peter McQuillan of Howth.

Cara Boyle with a fine turbot

In the end up the Howth anglers took the bragging rights this year with some great fishing as they become more accustomed to the west coast fishing and fished very well on the day.

Treble turbot for Cara on the way to 3rd overall

Results were overall winner Peter McQuillan Howth in 1st

2nd Siert Schuls Howth

3rd Cara Boyle Mariners

4th Tom McAdam Howth

5th Norman Dunlop Howth

6th John Burke Mariners.

Best Pair Tom McAdam and Norman Dunlop

Longest Flat Pater McQuillan 38cm flounder

Longest round Tom McAdam 46cm seatrout.

An enjoyable day out well done to everyone that traveled to enjoy the fishing and thanks to the organisers Noel and Derek, John Cunningham for pegging and the lads for donating prizes for the lucky peg draws.

Beach lined

The two clubs will be fishing together again in July in Killybegs but this time its out on the boats deep sea fishing.

Tight lines!

Please fish in a sustainable manner