Dawid Kopczynski sent in the report below on some exceptional shore fishing for tope in Wexford:
After an unusually quiet month in Wexford, we had a sudden burst of big game shore fishing from local marks. In some frantic action last week, about 100 tope were landed around North Wexford shores as new moon tides drove millions of sprats towards shallow sandy Wexford beaches. These were followed by mackerel and this, in turn, brought unseen numbers of tope close enough to the shore to target. Nearly every angler who was lucky enough to fish those days encountered toothy creatures. For many, it was their first ever shore caught tope. Best reports were saying about nine tope landed by a single angler, and 10 tope landed by another group. More than dozen anglers reported landing  2 or 3 fish per session, including a few fine specimens around the 40 lbs mark. Such fantastic fishing hasn’t been seen for a long time around Wexford. With the incoming next full moon and big tides, we might expect plenty of anglers wrestling mighty Wexford shore tope again!