Dan O’Neill, fishery manager at Mount Juliet, reports from the River Nore…

With rain being the star of the Irish forecast in recent times most of us have had to adapt or adjust to the given conditions. A very enthusiastic American angler who usually fishes streams in Montana was my accomplice this weekend. With the water level being extremely north of what would be classed as good conditions it was time to try and get my guest his first Irish trout. As a guide I get thrown all kinds of challenges which I accept and mostly get through, mostly.

Looking at the hydro data app the river was running at 1.8m so bank fishing was a certainty. Meeting my soon to be new angling buddy in the fishing room I refrained from speaking about the many excuses that sprang to mind when looking at the angry Nore.

As we walked to George’s wall I spoke a little to my guest about his experience, fishing styles and most things fishing. Looking at the river there was a slight pool formed at the back of the George’s wall island. Was this to be our spot? Lining up with euro nymphing in mind I took a look in my fly box and plucked out a 4mm black PTN and a 3mm olive nymph with a slight bit of flash under the tail. Luckily my guest had experience in tight line nymphing and walking up and down the bank studying the chosen area we made a plan of how to maximise our fishing space and give ourselves the best chance.

nore trout

Slipping into position we began raking the river bed with the two chosen nymphs. When the two nymphs hit the water for the first time I didn’t hold much hope I would ever see them again. Seeing them being recast several times after the first cast was quite surprising but not as surprising as watching the indicator line stop dead just off the seam we were fishing. The indicator line stopping was followed by a lift and a sight that surprised me further, a beautiful Nore trout leaping for freedom. Putting on a strong fight and explosive show in the strong current the trout came to the net, not a very big trout but a trout none the less and more importantly my guests first Irish Brown Trout.

Some more trout did follow and our total was 10 trout landed with 3 or 4 dropped fish, not a bad result given the hand we were dealt weather-wise,

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Taking bookings now for guided trips on the River Nore. Anyone wishing to practice a particular technique for trout or learn more about leader setups etc. Full and Half days available, contact me for more information.

Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet

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