Lough Arrow anglers report…

Ceri Jones visited Lough Arrow for a few days at the end of August. This was his second visit to the lake, his first being 30 years ago when he was a teenager. That time, he only got to fish the lake for half a day. This time, he fished for a few hours on Saturday and all day Sunday with Club Secretary Colin Dodd.

ceri jones

It was fairly windy on Sunday with a good wave on the lake, but he had a good gillie in Colin, who is well used to these conditions. They landed a couple of trout each and rose many more. Lunchtime was spent in The Diamond with a fry and a chat with a few of the local anglers.

making lunch

Ceri recorded a podcast with Colin and hopes to fish Lough Arrow again, the next time during the mayfly. A big shout out to Colin for organising the visit.
Tight lines and bent rods!

Lough Arrow

Go fishing…

Trout fly fishing on Lough Arrow